Why Blue Hour?

Why Blue Hour?

Blue hour in Montana is unlike anything you’ll ever experience. Just after the sun goes down and the temperature changes, you sense a moment of transition, a moment of calm, a moment of pause, a moment suspended “in-between.” You’re carried into something new. In a fleeting moment, the golden sky shifts to a luminous soft blue that bathes over everything we see. It’s truly dreamlike and yet, most of us pass through it without thought. Blue hour also exists right before the sun rises so if you’re a morning person, you might be lucky enough to experience these calming cyan blue moments just before the sun greets us over Mount Sentinel (Missoula’s staple hiking destination for the out-of-towners ;) ). Regardless of whether you admire this transition from day to night or night to day, it tells us something new is approaching. 

Growing up, my moments of blue hour were chilly, early-morning hunts with my dad, savoring the last minutes of a summer day in the cool grass with my sister, and being cozy under a blanket with a deliciously rich hot chocolate. Now, when I breath in the same, crisp air of blue hour, I’m reminded of how fast time passes and I wish I could hold onto it. And yet, we move forward. Onto the new and unknown… and that is what makes moments like blue hour so special. 

Sometimes “blue hour” moments exist in our lives in the form of a job change, a loss, a birth, a marriage, moving homes… These transitionary experiences are notorious for being too fast to feel. And regardless of how they make you feel, these times are swift and that’s what makes them special. 

Every now and then, I notice myself encountering a few notably impactful seconds (a hug from a friend, speaking my feelings, trying something new) and even if they don’t alter my life forever, experiencing such a moment grounds me to my humanness, much like the calm before a sunrise. Shifting from working in the medical field to metalworking was especially a “blue hour” moment. Now, it feels like everything I create is a small dedication to one of the best transitionary phases of my life. 

Everyday we face things that might impact us in big ways and I’m honored to create timeless pieces that can accompany you through all the ups, downs, and everything in between... the transitions that are too fast to feel, the moments that should be honored, the moments that change our lives… your true BLUE HOUR moments. 


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